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Advantages of METAENERGY insulators

  • Inserts with insulation material make up a monolithic system;
  • Wall thickness of the embedded item provides the claimed level of the dynamometric effort;
  • Porosity-free solid material;
  • Insulator’s surface is smooth and very solid;
  • High adhesion to metals — screws are a piece of the package that excludes their turning over and falling out;
  • Low level of material shrinkage enables monolithic filling on the big insulation thickness which excludes the emergence of shrinkage cavity, air holes and water condensate inside.
  • Stability of the insulator condition while working in high temperatures (up to 130 °С) i.e. the material strength does not change;

A more reliable and modern technology of vacuum preparation and the technology of parts filling under pressure increase the strength and durability of the tools. This guarantees safety and reliability of the operation of expensive equipment in which they are installed.