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We strive for implementing only the best every day, at the same time preserving what works well.  Below are just some of our achievements which we selected from all we have made, but their importance has invaluable consequences for us and for those who use our products.

In 2010 we implemented an automated system of production planning and material accounting developed specially for our factory. This software suite allows to immediately obtain verifiable information on the product at any stage of the production cycle from the purchase of materials and component parts  to the stage of acceptance checkout and shipment to the customer. Its implementation made it possible to balance the stock of material, provide quality and accuracy during the production.

In 2012 we put into service our own high-voltage test laboratory which we use during acceptance checkouts, periodic and typical testing of our equipment. Every year we plan to increase the resources and potential of the laboratory. We have developed a program for METAENERGY test center development , as a result by 2017 we will have  a modern complex analogues to the world leading  electrical equipment producers.