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Metenergy products have a wide range of application – our direction in the production of busducts, their component parts and associated equipment attract large construction companies, industrial and research companies and commercial construction. In other words any objects and venues with the necessity of substantial density of power distribution between the storeys and on the storeys , as well as high requirements to electrical safety and  use of buildings.

Our conductors have even larger areas of application – from small factories to the railway sector.

METAENERGY components are always used in the production of equipment for such companies as GASPROM, Lukoil, they were directly delivered to the construction of Olympic venues in Sochi.  

Our products have given a good account of themselves in extreme conditions of Ural and Siberia regions.

Taking into consideration the fact that we are always open to the offers of our clients, ready to start new developments and we are not frightened by challenging tasks the list of our partners in constantly growing!