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History of Metaenergy

Metallurg research and production center was founded in 2006. The main branch of company’s activity is the production of electrical machinery under METAENERGY trademark. 

METAENERGY is a modern industrial factories cluster working in the sphere of electrical engineering. We have proven ourselves as a reliable supplier in the sphere of electrotechnical services in Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Component parts of our own make are being used in all the climatic zones of our country and neighboring CIS countries. We deliver our equipment to places from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Always in due time and in the conditions of both frosts of Siberia and heat of pre-Olympic Sochi.

In our work we make a special effort on the following directions:

Production of conductors:

Production of insulated fastening elements:

Busways (aluminum and copper busbars for current of 6300А);

Indication and protection equipment

We expand the range of our equipment annually. Developing ourselves we undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the development of our partners.

All the products are made by the company itself on its factory in Rostov-on-Don. 

Concerning the great bulk of our products we are the only company in Russia which produces them. The competitors in these sectors are well-known international companies such as: Legrand, SchneiderElectric, RITTAL, ERICO etc. The quality of our products is top-level, at the similar level with the foreign samples. 

The company is pursuing the course of “Import-substitution” and constantly expands its range of goods.

By using METAENERGY products a lot of people manage to reduce expenses without losing in quality. All the products are certified according to Russian standards and the requirements of Eurasiane Economic Community customs union.
The factory has its own testing laboratory, the purpose of which is to check the quality of all the products geared on the factory and to test new developments. 

While developing busducts the company considered the wishes of the customers and the experience of the world’s producer in this sphere. The construction of the busduct is compact; thanks to its characteristics the heat-removal for cooling the conductors is carried out efficiently. Modern specific materials (electro technical grade of the metals used for the production of the conductors, structural type of aluminum for the production of the housing, modern and high-quality insulation materials) are used in its production. The housing of the conductor is usually painted by the method of powder coating in any colour of RAL system at the request of the customer. 

Design and Engineering department on the factory makes it possible to fulfill tasks of any degree of complexity in 3D modelling of both separate elements of the busduct and its assembly units.